Driver for realtek rtl8811cu wireless adapter

I tried to find the driver for rtl8811cu but with no success, only found a driver for linux
Is there any one who can help me?


Which dual band adapters are best supported by openwrt?

In terms of AP capable USB WLAN cards, the situation has never been good[0] - and hasn't gotten much better recently either.

PCI/ PCIe/ mini-PCIe and m.2 offer significantly better options (even SDIO based cards are typically better than USB ones).

[0] AP functionality for USB devices isn't part of the todo list for the vendor, which means the firmware often lacks AP specific functionality or implements it in a buggy way; the situation is similar for the (linux-) driver developers. This, combined with USB specific issues like overheating and antennas both too small and too close to each other for MIMO to work, renders USB a bad options for this.

any good pci-e cards?

QCA9880, QCA9982, QCA9984, maybe MT7612 or MT7615.