Draft of Wiki contribution rules

We "suddenly realized" that having some official rules about the standards we want to keep in the current wiki content would be good.

The initial discussion that lead to this was in a private message thread between current wiki maintainers/admins (me, @tmomas and @richb-hanover) and another wiki user that went offtopic due to recent events.

This is what I consider to be final https://lede-project.org/playground/wikirules

Did I miss anything you deem important?

I just don't know what I should write in the "tags" part, or if it is still relevant, @tmomas .

I planned to place the article as-is in the sidebar, similar to "submitting patches" and "reporting bugs". Probably will change the title.

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Good work!

regarding tags: tags are not used in the LEDE wiki, but in the OpenWrt wiki, especially on devicepages.
Since we are going to merge both wikis, the tags section ist still relevant.

Instead of merging, another alternative might be to make the current OpenWrt forums and wiki read-only, and then create a forum here called something like OpenWrt Archive that includes links to the originals.

We are talking about wikis, not forums.

Yep, I mentioned the wiki.

@bobafetthotmail I noticed that you moved the wikirules page out of playground and included it in the sidebar.

Wouldn't it fit better in the wiki namespace, and then being linked from https://lede-project.org/wiki/start?
IMO it would fit below Editing Pages - Using the Dokuwiki Syntax.

What do you think?

yeah, done. I forgot I should have put that there in the first place.

Rules are now live https://lede-project.org/wiki/wikirules and accessible from the sidebar.

Perfect, thanks!