Dpdk in openwrt x86?

Is there any option to run dpdk packet processing in openwrt ?

I don't believe this is officially Openwrt supported at all, but look here: https://doc.dpdk.org/guides/howto/openwrt.html

hi @dl12345,

I tried to follow this link. I have cross compiled DPDK with OpenWrt but now I am confused about using it. I mean as per above link, the OpenWrt is compiled firts and then DPDK is cross compiled using link and finally it asks about launching a qemu system. Due to some errors I am not able to launch the qemu system.

But my main question here is that after cross compiling how the built binaries or libraries can be used and how these can be installed over a running x86 OpenWrt system (which is a VM in my case).

Any help and guidance in this regard will be much appreciated!!!

Thanks & Regards,