Downstream SNR Margin

Hello everyone,
today i've successfully installed openwrt on my Fritz!Box 7530.

Everything seems to be working fine except for the SNR setting of the VDSL.

In short, i need to lower the snr margin from the default (6dB) to 2 or 3, i use the setting found in the gui (Interfaces -> DSL) but the setting seems to apply for the first minutes, but then, the SNR value goes up to the default.

It seems like there's something that's adjusting the value automatically.

Using the default Fritz!OS firmware i can lower the SNR value to 2 and it stays to that value.

Do you know how to prevent this?

Thanks in advance.

It is measurement of line quality. Take excavator and lay new cable

I've found the solution on this forum!

you need to disable the SRA with the following commands, use the one depending on your scenario: g997racs 0 0 2 # ADSL upstream g997racs 0 1 2 # ADSL downstream g997racs 1 0 2 # VDSL upstream g997racs 1 1 2 # VDSL downstream

You will get errors and retransmits....