Downloading LUCI on OpenWrt router

I downloaded LUCI on openwrt router, then I can access web page of my router, but when I turn off my router I cannot access web page of my router again.

How can I solve this problem ?

Which OpenWrt image have you installed on which device?

My device is tp-link td-w8970v1

I compile the source code of openwrt, then I download LUCI on it. It worked normally but when I turned my router of I cannot access to website gui.

I don’t know what to say but you never say (two times!) you actually turn it on again before trying to connect?

What gateway and ip address does the computer get with the router turned on?

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... and is the device configured as a router, in the 1st place, and not LAN side DHCP client.

First, I connect normally to gui but when i restart my router I cannot access to gui again.
My laptop ip and gateway of router).

How can I do this step ?

it was a question, not a statement.

Yes, I know but I ask you how to configure device as a router ?

it's configured as router per default, question is, what have you done with it ?

I only restart it after downloading luci.
Then, I cannot be able to access gui page

Something is probably also changed in the DHCP setup if your laptop get since default address pool always start at 100.

Have you tried connecting with or ?

Does the web browser say anything?

Tried clearing webbrowser chache?

Does internet work?

SSH connection?

Tried a reset and start with fresh config files?

1-Yes I tried to connect with them but didn't work
2-Web browser tell me there is no connection like no internet
3-internet and ssh worked normally

If ssh works normally you can retrieve the uhttpd, dhcp, network and firewall config files and show us them.

just out of curiosity, after the reboot, are the packages still installed, or do you have to reinstall them ?

I need to reinstall them again, and GUI worked only before rebooting.

That's why I was asking which image exactly you have installed. Factory.bin, sysupgrade.bin, or initramfs image?


Anything useful in the logs?
When building your image, do you include any special network configuration?