Downloadable documentation?

I would like to see openwrt docs in some downloadable format. Like debian or arch linux provide their respective documentation as packages. Openwrt documentation is invaluable for network related things as well as some busybox-related stuff etc..

Also, let me know if the documentation is already there in some downloadable form.

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For better or for worse, the guidance is that the man pages are not generated in packages. This makes sense to me for a resource-constrained device, but can be challenging for executables that aren't self-documenting (most supplied by busybox at least output a terse summary).

jeff@office:~$ ls --help
BusyBox v1.29.2 () multi-call binary.

Usage: ls [-1AaCxdLHRFplinshrSXvctu] [-w WIDTH] [FILE]...

List directory contents

	-1	One column output
	-a	Include entries which start with .
	-A	Like -a, but exclude . and ..
	-x	List by lines
	-d	List directory entries instead of contents
	-L	Follow symlinks
	-H	Follow symlinks on command line
	-R	Recurse
	-p	Append / to dir entries
	-F	Append indicator (one of */=@|) to entries
	-l	Long listing format
	-i	List inode numbers
	-n	List numeric UIDs and GIDs instead of names
	-s	List allocated blocks
	-lc	List ctime
	-lu	List atime
	--full-time	List full date and time
	-h	Human readable sizes (1K 243M 2G)
	-S	Sort by size
	-X	Sort by extension
	-v	Sort by version
	-t	Sort by mtime
	-tc	Sort by ctime
	-tu	Sort by atime
	-r	Reverse sort order
	-w N	Format N columns wide
	--color[={always,never,auto}]	Control coloring

When you say "OpenWrt docs", do you mean just the equivalent of man pages, or the wiki?

I think I had to clarify. I didn't think I would ever need the docs on the device itself, but on PC / phone, as a source of good networking documentation as well.

I was talking about wiki (user guide, dev guide, techref).

I understand the challenges of needing the Internet to get the information you need to connect to the Internet!

You absolutely will want to restrict things significantly in scope, but wget can mirror a site for off-line viewing.

wget has certain restrictions, too. That's practically hard to create a good mirror especially out of wiki pages. I have tried in past on this & eLinux wiki as well.

Has anyone ever resolved this? I have the same objective. Full documentation in pdf format.