Download speed significantly lower after upgrading to OpenWrt

using a d-link dir 882 r1
firmware 21.02.3 stable
connected with pppoe if that matters
i got 1gbit fiber (1000/100) and only getting 500-650 and before it was consistently 900+
and i did enable Software flow offloading and before i did that my download was at 300mbit down so it helped a bit but not much

mt7621 supports hardware flow-offloading, which hopefully gets you to your desired speeds - the OEM firmware relies on offloading as well.

While this SOC has very well optimized ethernet/ switch drivers with quite extensive offloading support, the actual SOC behind it is a bit outdated by today's standards - so whatever can't be offloaded, will take a (performance-) penalty and DSA's current restriction to a single CPU doesn't exactly help towards the upper end of symmetric 1000/1000 MBit/s routing requirements either.

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speeds stay the same

pppoe sessions are not offloaded in OpenWrt so you hit CPU limit there.
seems you should read as it seems something good came in 22.03 branch

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upgrading to snapshot fixed it with flow offloading fixed it

Hello Team,

We have also faced similar issue at our end when initially we were downloading and creating setup for OpenWRT 19.04 at our end.

Ritesh Prajapati

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