Failed to download public key


I'm trying to install OpenWrt on an old TP-Link device. I am following the instructions on

There it tells me to 'Verify the downloaded firmware file'. The instructions link to the page with info on how to verify the download:

It mentions the script, which seems very convenient. The script can't complete, however, with the default value:

Keyserver to use? [hkp://] > 
gpg: opvragen vanaf sleutelserver is mislukt: No name
Failed to download public key.
Cleaning up.

After some online searching I found this on GitHub:

The sks-keyservers are broken, its not recommended to use them anymore.

In this thread there are alternatives.

Using hkp:// the script succeeds.

It'd be helpful for beginners like me if the keyserver URL is updated.

Unfortunately the script doesn't belong to OpenWrt project and we cannot fix it directly. You could contact the author. In the meantime I'll add a remark to make the necessary change before running it.

Do you mean the script linked in the wiki page at Afair I wrote it a while back and it used to be embedded directly in the wiki page. Maybe we can move it back there and fix the keyserver preselection while we’re at it


That'd be great. I noticed that it is hosted in another domain, hence my assumption that it is not connected.

That's the one indeed :slight_smile: It just says 'this' script without further note so I just assumed without much thinking that it was provided by the OpenWrt project.

That might be nice indeed. But if hosted in the wiki, it wouldn't be possible to use curl or whatever to download it, right? Having it as a file with a dedicated URL is handy.

No problem for the wiki, e.g.

  1. As a media file (normally used for images)
  2. As simple downloadable codeblock
    On this page, see the php.locations -> click on the link and a download of the script will start

Both methods work with a dedicated URL.

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Right, well, in that case: great!