Download servers slow?

Are OpenWrt download servers painfully slow for everybody else, too? The image builder takes (literally) hours, and "opkg update" about half an hour, this was much faster weeks ago.

I am not complaining, just wanted to know if there is a global issue, or is it just me.

18 or 19 seconds here.

opkg update: 4 seconds here (france).

As fast as usual from Czechia, although packages and kmods failed to download.

So this is definitively just me... this is weird, as the rest of the internet works properly, and I do not recall having any specific configuration that could affect this site and no others.

I guess I will have to dig!

traceroute and mtr look fine?

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"traceroute" looks fine
"tracroute6" does not show any activity at all

Turns out my IPv6 link hadn't had any traffic for days; I just restarted it, and now everything works as expected.

Many thanks!