Downgrade MR18 for OpenWrt


Is there any Solution to downgrade FW for the MR18?


  • Stock; or
  • OpenWrt?

Perhaps, you should describe your issue.


I have here an Cisco MR18 with FW 25.13.

I will install OpenWrt, only OpenWrt does not install on the FW. my question is - how can i downgrade the FW of the MR18.


Please don't double post.

I believe the OP’s question relates to flashing of OpenWrt only being possible prior to a specific OEM version.

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Ok, it is not possible?

in this firmware 25.11 is /usr/bin/tftp client so i just need odm file from original firmware.

I am also looking for a solution for this issue!

If anyone has ANY info about a flashing workaround for newer builds and/or downgrading the firmware PLEASE tag me!

Thanks! :grinning: