[Doubt] WRT32X actual reliability

Hi, how you doing? I have a question about this device since I really like to buy one, but after reading all the stuf about it, and the previous versions, the thing is difficult for me. So I wanted to know if people with a WRT32X is having a good performance with the lastest official firmware or even with the lastest from the OpenWRT community.

I bought a 1900AC a few weeks ago but had to returning it 'cause the lights on the front panel were almost dead, and it didn't run properly. And that's another question, how about the 32X lights on the panel? They die with time?

Also, if you could name some good routers similiar to the 3200/32X in hardware and expected performance, would be really nice. Since I want to buy a good router, not so expensive (maybe used? haha), but reliable and powerful. What do you people think?