Doubt on route creation

Dear, good afternoon.

I have a question about creating routes in openWRT through Luci,

Here's my question:

I have two routers with openWrt, these two routers are connected through a vpn tunnel (openvpn).

Each router is a company LAN network. One is at the company's headquarters and the other at the branch.

The headquarter LAN is and the branch is

Due to the VPN tunnel that we have, I can ping both the head office and the branch network.

In our headquarters, the VPN interface IP is, and in the branch it is

The problem is that before the router with VPN that we have in the branch we have a Load Balance with IP I can ping this load balance through the branch network. But I can't ping from the matrix network. How could I configure my routes so that a ping from the matrix network,, arrives at the load balance (