Doubt about SQM, bridge+router+router?

Hello friends, how are you ? I have a question, could you help me? It's about SQM.
Can I make the following call?
Modem bridge + Router pppoe with SQM (lede) + Another router connected to the LAN port of the pppoe router? Would the SQM function work correctly? Sorry for English is not so good.

Note: This last router is only for WIRELESS use, it is a TENDA AC10, it does not have openwrt for this router. But his signal is very good. The router with LEDE is a tp link wr841n v9 ( LEDE 17.06 )

In that case, in interface should I use br-lan (lan and wlan) instead of eth0 (WAN)?

Yes, I think your configuration should work. You need to configure SQM on the WAN interface from the last router (not modem) facing the internet.

use sqm directly on the pppoe-interface (wan)

Sure this will work. Configure the secondary router as dumb AP (see and you should be off to the races.

Now, if you use a primary router only in wired mode*, you can actually do the following:

  1. Instantiate sqm on the primary router's wan interface (by setting the download bandwidth to zero)

  2. instantiate a second sqm instance on the primary router's LAN interface (here also set the Downloading bandwidth to zero, but put your real internel download bandwidth into the egress field). This will save you the computational cost involved with the ifb device's redirection and will also allow you to use iptables on the primary router to set DSCP codepoints for ingress traffic, if you should be so inclined...

*) And I would very much recommend not to use the primary router's wifi in combination with the described setup, as otherwise you will not actually have ingress shaping on traffic from the internet to the primary router's wifi clients, but you will have shaping for traffic between the primary router's wifi and the dumb AP, probably not what you desire...

I managed to put the second router in AP, but I had to put it on br-lan to run sqm. I did not understand, but it worked.

Run "brctl show" on the router, this should tell you the real wired LAN interface that participates in br-lan and select that, in my case as an example I see:

root@nacktmulle:~# brctl show
bridge name	bridge id		STP enabled	interfaces
br-lan		7fff.a221b7b95c22	no		eth0.1

I would select eth0.1....

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