Double SQM with router and switch to force unfair distribution

I'll try to explain the issue in short. My internet is slow and a lot of devices are attached to it. SQM does help gaming latency as it distributes traffic fairly but at a certain point there just not enough to distribute to stream online gaming metadata. So what I did was take my gaming PC off the openwrt router and plug it in directly to the modem so now my openwrt router and gaming PC share the same modem, I hope this makes sense. This has helped my latency tremendously but it requires me to throttle everyone who's on the openwrt to about half using sqm so as to reserve a sizable chunk of the modems speed for it's other lan ports (me). My plan to give everyone their bytes back but also give my gaming the unfair sizable chunk it deserves is to add another openwrt device as a switch that my router and gaming PC plug into. On this switch I'll have sqm enabled so that it is distributing fair traffic between only 2 devices: the router and my gaming PC. Will this do what I want? I want everyone on the network to act as 1 device to share equally with my gaming PC so I get unfair distribution without having to throttle everyone down

with nat on the internal router?

I forgot to mention my PC would be directly cabled in to a wired only switch. Also on that switch would be a wirelwss router for everyone else. This way the SQM on the switch might consider the wireless traffic as 1 device and my gaming PC as 1 device in Cake's fair distributing algorithms thus giving my PC more priority over people getting it from the router