Double single connection speed with two ISP

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol). is ISP can setup BGP to router traffic of public ip from ispA and ispB? more question after this discussion. I need double speed on single connection with both isp.

You can use mwan3 to provide load balancing such that both connections can be leveraged for increased total bandwidth.

The speed for any individual connection (such as a download from a website) will still max out at the speed of a single ISP connection. But, if you are running two downloads, as an example, you will get effectively the combined speed of both ISPs.

Bonding is the other major method of combining 2 or more connections. But this is non-trivial, especially if you are using 2 different ISPs, because the ISP needs to coordinate the connection with a bond on their end, too.

As far as BGP is concerned, that already exists in the form of the Quagga BGP package which is available in the OpenWrt repos.

quagga-bgpd - 1.2.4-2 - BGPv4, BGPv4+, BGPv4- routing engine

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what happen if major isp have two entry of public IP from sub ispA and ispB? can we share incoming and outgoing data of single connection between ispA and ispB? kind of Asymmetric routing

Kind of problem addressed by mptcp, for which you would need server somewhere else handling whole bandwidth twice.

I wish for simple noob, me, step by step instructions on how to perform this.
This would be fun to try, and when working, would be great.

This is an advanced networking technique, not really noob friendly.

As long as the load balancing method is sufficient for your needs, just read up on mwan3.

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Not possible in such context. You need to build patched kernel and have your own dial-in server like at work to aggregate links

My understanding is, you can use a commercial source VPS service to perform the aggregation?

Shrug, I can follow technical guides.

I have BPI-R3 compiled my own firmware, booting off of full size of eMMC.

I recently removed my RM520N-GL modem from my old Cheetah V1 router, installed into standalone Mcuzone enclosure, and loaded SimpleAdmin to the modem.
Now working great in standalone ethernet configuration, and no router to double NAT me any longer.
Soon to be working on BPI-R4 router, for more learning experience.
Yadda, yadda, yadda, not bragging, just sayin'...

The project is kind dead. A far more modern alternative is bird2 developed by
Furthermore, bird is far more easy to configure and has a nice and helpful mailing list community. Just my daily 2 cents.

(In addition: link aggregate or equal cost multi path routing via 2 or more ISP is really something you would want to avoid because in the end it can be even slower then a single path. On an edge router you can however distribute traffic on your upstreams so each link is hopefully used distributed. But making 2x 1 gbit/s into a 2 gbit/s calls for issues....)