Double NAT problem with gateway

Hi I'm looking to fix double Nat problem with Nokia fastmile 5g gateway can anyone please help I also have a problem on my Xbox series s which says upnp not successful could anyone please help

You'll always be double NATed, your carrier have a CGNAT, and then another NAT in your router.


So there is no way at all I can get upnp successful?

Don't know, not familiar with the xbox uPnP use case.

VPN might work.

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I even if you made upnp work with the OpenWrt router, no sane ISP would allow it on the cgnat. So your best bet is with ipv6, if supported.

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Ok so how do I go bout download the openwrt I'm new to this sought of stuff

My gateway is Nokia fastmile 5g 5G-24W-A I'm also with Optus network thanks

Is it supported?

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Hey it's not supported unfortunately what can be done now?

Verify if your provider offers IPv6. You then might be able to connect without nat.


I've managed to get UPnP working on my double-NAT setup by installing miniupnpd-igdv1 instead of the regular miniupnpd, assigning the OpenWRT router's WAN IP address as both reserved and DMZ in my ISP's gateway, and setting a STUN server (host is and port is 3478) in MiniUPnP Advanced Settings. I don't know if every single one of those things is required but it does work right now.

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