Double NAT on enterprise(802.1X) network

I'm trying to set up a double NAT on an 802.1X network that requires username and password, which also block client-to-client communication.

This is for a network that is shared between multiple apartments, which prevents me from setting up cellular calling from an iPad using an iPhone and other various smart devices that requires LAN access to work properly.

I bought a WiFi Extender (Netlink EX6120) and flashed it with OpenWRT due to their very limited firmware.

My plan was to extend the original network with a double NAT to allow client-to-client communication for my own devices.

I can't seem to find any option to login to an 802.1X network in OpenWRT, is this something that could be possible ? I checked, and I got wpad-basic-wolfssl installed, which should support 802.1X.