Double NAT configuration. HELP!

I have one router ( with openwrt connected to my modem (
I'm trying to block the router to access some devices connected to my modem (
Basically i just want to block local IPs from to in order to block the router to access my modem's devices.
Anyone can help?

  1. The title doesn't match what you want to do.
  2. If you block all these IPs the router will not be able to access the internet.
  3. Are you sure you want to block the hosts connected to the modem from the router only or from the hosts behind the router?

I want to block the devices connected to the modem from the router.
I noticed that from modem i can't access my router's devices, probably it's the default setting of openwrt.

That you cannot do, because they are in the same network. And whatever is in the same network is considered trusted.
You could setup a firewall on each individual host connected on the modem, but good luck with that.

Can't I just add some settings in openwrt, like "block access IPs from to, except,"?

Problem solved. I added a traffic rule to block all the devices to access

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