Don't use OVPN client as WAN

Hi. So my ISP does not allow me to open any ports and I'm in a double NAT so there's no way I can make any of my devices accessible from any other network. I found a website that offers VPN servers which give you a static public IP and essentially you can open any ports you want without having to mess with firewall stuff. I was able to set up a connection using this guide. I was also able to open ports and essentially everything works fine.
Unfortunately, some websites (like our bank) seem to think that this IP is located in some "suspicious" country (like Saudi Arabia, or something else) and we have issues using these sites.
So I'd like to configure this VPN connection to work the same way it's supposed to, except I don't want it to be used as a WAN connection. I want all our internet traffic to go through our ISP, while still have the ability to open and access ports through my VPN.
One solution I found was to add pull-filter ignore redirect-gateway into my client config. And this actually does exactly what I want. Problem is, that it only works for a few minutes or seconds. At first, my public IP does not change (and the ports I opened are accessible through my VPN's IP), but after a minute or two, it changes to my VPN's IP (which I assume means that all our traffic is going through the VPN).
Are there any other solutions? Could anyone suggest me some way to fix this, please?

check out VPN Policy-Based Routing + Web UI -- Discussion

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