! DOnt post you personal IP ! some 'hackeur' on this forum

hello all , i posted my IP on this forum on some tcpdump logs ... , now i have some botnet trying to connect on some port like 22 23 8020 8200 ........

DOnt post you IP , my ip was now for 6hours nmaped by RU , CN , KR , UK ,......
Restrict SSH to LAN only .
close and see your tcpdump ....

DOnt forget !!! dont POST !!!!!!

There is no need to post your IP address to receive such unwelcome visits. Nowadays, botnets are constantly scanning the entire IP range. No matter what you do, you will be probed.


Beside your personal "opinion" your tone here is unacceptable. Go somewhere else to spread your hate and teenage language. This is not a basis for an usefull discussion. If that would have been your intention. What I doubt.


im saying dont post you IP u responding :, botnet are scanning all ip of the world .... . dont post your IP so simple dont say world are botnet , all ip scanned .... i suppose on this forum a user are making here botnet team on this forum

Ah now it's clear. Just a troll spreading/spamming crude things without any proof. ... Have a nice day natural failure. :slight_smile:


dont post u IP its simple , dont say troll , or botnet are sanning all entire ip of the world .

pwned whats is your probleme im talking for user to be safe dont post her ip and u are angry for what ?

botnet are not sanning all range ip of the world , and u say im troll me ?

Well they do scan whole IP ranges. Therefore they have millions of routers under their control. I do not proof that for you! Just google for ddos. But I warn you: There are a lot of people outside telling you other stories. Like the russians, the trumps or the chiniese. It's up to you to beleive it or not.

And you are a troll if you come to a network forum trying to tell people what is going and claim forum members driving a botnet. Just absurd.

You doing that with your unrespectfull and agressive language.

And I'm feeding you. That simple is the world.
But a least I have the feeling that I make your day a happy day instead of another lonley day. :slight_smile:

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Please open your eyes and see : i have two isp Ipv4 . Okay ?

I posted config with ONE ip on this forum for a probleme but no solution for the probleme .

Now only ONE of TWO ip a scammed ONLY ONE , ONE not two ONE not Two ONE , u understand or u need a schème paint ? Same IP / minute . I have the ONE ipv4 of the World

Dont respond u are off topic

  1. Stop being hysterical and watch your tone.
  2. No one asked you or anyone else to post your public IP. In the troubleshooting instructions you are clearly advised to redact that.
  3. Regardless of posting your IP online or not you'll get probes from botnets. I haven't posted my public IP here or anywhere else, yet here they are:
Wed Jul 29 12:46:15 2020 authpriv.info dropbear[24884]: Child connection from
Wed Jul 29 12:46:15 2020 authpriv.info dropbear[24884]: Exit before auth from <>: Disconnect received

The default OpenWrt installation will not let anything from the wan and there are guides in the wiki how to allow secure management to your device from wan. Also banip package is a good idea if your device can handle it.


Openwrt make nothing if u get 30mbits of s a you openwrt is off .