Donating (mostly) functioning GL MT750


After a couple of years running the original firmware, which supported both bands, I grew tired of such an ancient version (15.05 plus GL mods) and installed 18.06.2, which only supported the 2.4GHz band. Now this radio is acting up and I bought a Fritzbox to replace it.

Long story short, I have a mostly functioning MT750 that I could donate, ideally to one of the developers working on getting the 5GHz radio supported but also to core OpenWRT developers. I will pay for the shipping, of course.

Please show some proof of your involment in the project (git repos) if you're interested. If no one is interested, I'm simply going to keep it, as a spare switch or to reinstall the original firmware.


the fix for mt7610e just landed to master (trunk) a week ago. can you test trunk version?

I'm a bit short on time and have zero (recent) experience bulding trunk, that's why I considered donating it instead of testing it myself. If you or anyone else is willing to guide me and prepared for glacial pace in feedbacks, we're good... otherwise the offer still stands.

OpenWrt already built it for you (without luci, but you can install with opkg in ssh)

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I'll make a note to try it, but this is still a low-to-no priority issue for me. If anyone has more time, please contact me.

I'm interested in receiving this device if no one else is interested in.


Ok, I'm going to wait a few more days in case someone specifically working on this platform shows up, otherwise @maurer is first in line.

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