Domoticz with SSL and letsencrypt

I have installed domoticz in my openwrt (Tplink wifi router) and it works nicely with http. I would like to add a free SSL certificate (like letsencrypt) to my domoticz and disable http to use only https. Any help/tutorial/advice is appreciated.
Thank you.

I use this script myself to renew my Let's Encrypt certificates on my server. That works very nicely (and the script is self-updating).

Instead of disabling HTTP you should forcibly redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS through your webserver. OpenWrt's default webserver, uhttpd, should support this (-q option).

WAW! thank you very much. I will give it a try.

There's one catch though: the script requires Bash, and Bash is quite heavy for a regular router. So you should look for a POSIX alternative (OpenWrt uses Busybox ash).

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There's this package and accompanying luci-app available for OpenWrt.