Domoticz and libcurl with smtp support

I recently installed domoticz on OpenWrt 22.03 and it works smoothly, except for the e-mail part.
I read here that you need to compile libcurl package with a separate option to enable mail.
Can I just compile this package for my router (RT3200) and then replace the existing libcurl?
Or do I need to build the entire firmware with the options enabled?

since there aren't any kernel dependencies, compiling only libcurl should work.

Thanks! So just compile and replace the current file?
This will not break anything with the current installed version from opkg?

I'd probaly generate libcurl and curl packages, just in case, and "upgrade" them both

Never say never, but it shouldn't :wink:

Isn't there any other way of sending mails but curl ?
Seems like an awkward way for getting SMTP functionality ...

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I will start downloading the build environment...