DoH and Adblock running at the same time?

I have a Tp-Link archer c6 running the latest Openwrt. I have enabled DoH using the https-dns-proxy package.

My question is, Will the adblock package work with DoH enabled ? DoH is designed to encrypt and send dns queries as https requests to prevent dns alterning, so will adblock be able to detect and block websites with this enabled, or do I need to get rid of DoH for it to work ?

Adblock is using dnsmasq, so if you are using dnsmasq as nameserver for the devices and then forward the queries to the DoH it will work fine.


Yes, though I am a newb but I can see the packages in my openwrt device that I'm using Dnsmasq (default) and not unbound. Then I guess it will work just fine ?!

Yes, if you think that it is not working as expected we can troubleshoot further.

Well I just installed and enabled the adblock service from luci, added a few more filters and added a few domains to the manual blacklist, then I rebooted the device, and it seems to be blocking those domains and subdomains (ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED), so I think its working !


I've been using both together for quite a while now, no issues. I'm also running the "stock" setup with dnsmasq. Works great out of the box with the LUCI defaults.

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