Does zabbix-agentd support TLS?

Does the OpenWrt zabbix-agentd package support TLS?

I found this pull request from 2018:
# zabbix: Add SSL support for zabbix-agentd. Fixes #5675
that made me think it does, but when I try to start my zabbix-agentd with TLS settings in the config I get messages like this in the log:

"TLSKeyFile" configuration parameter cannot be used: Zabbix agent was compiled without TLS support

I'm running OpenWrt 19.07.3 r11063-85e04e9f46 and the zabbix-agentd package is version 4.0.16-3

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@timw, welcome to the community!

Yes, if you compile it with TLS support.

(There's many reasons encryption is not packaged across-the-board by default; but that's a topic for other threads.)


@lleachii and @timw thanks for mentioning there is tls support for zabbix agent.
Till now I was using imagebuilder to compile my openwrt image and I like that way of compiling a lot, mostly because is fast and I only use the stable releases.
But to get zabbix agent to work with tls support I had to resort to building it with the normal build system.
Thanks to the great wiki [1] that was not difficult.
And I understand the default nossl support, but this is why I like these kind of free (as in freedom) projects, you still have a choice to customize to your needs :tada:
So kudo's to the devs too.



Thanks for the new 21.02.0 release.
And I'm glad that although wolfSSL is the default SSL library, that zabbix-agentd can still be compiled with OpenSSL support.

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