Does WL-WN572HG3 wavlink AP support vlan?

If the answer to the Topic's title is no, then is there any way for me to make the router/AP I have to have a vlan feature? I was asking for this because I have already unmanaged switch and don't want to buy another switch that has vlan feature, that's why I search in google what are the alternatives for this and found out that OpenWrt is the way to do it but is a much hassle type of method. But I'm eager to learn just to fix my problem so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I'm just a beginner or newbie when it comes to this so I hope you don't mind helping someone like me. I'll try to understand and search for any terms I don't understand. :grin:

Please post ubus call system board , your device does not seem supported (or is mistyped)

HP3 is supported, same device ?;a=commit;h=dce66899bf243d78689afcc693340b891bbf4c2d

There's also WL-WN572HG3 Soft Hack?
@Sovieshu I assume you didn't search the forum, before you posted ?

Good day Sir Frollic I just wanna thank you for not being bothered by helping someone like me, but can you tell me how to access all the links in the post of the last link you provided? I just can't or not able to access it cause it seems that there is some letters or characters missing from every link, I hope you can help me again thank you so much

also the first link you gave me doesn't redirect me to my desired Model, it just shows me WS-WN572HG3 but what I want is WL-WN572HG3, I changed the letter and it doesn't have it

last three posts is all you need to install the custom fw, until the PR is approved.

my post clearly says HP3, what's unclear ?

I mean it says WS and not WL, from

  1. WS-WN572HG3
  2. WL-WN572HG3,
    and what I want is WL,
    so I'm just being wary cause it might break my AP, but as you said, does WS also works for WL as long as its HG3?

Does it ?