Does the TL-WR902AC v3 Support Roaming?

Trying to use the TPLink WR902AC v3 in client mode on a mesh network, but it seems to attach to an SSID over mac address which prevents it from roaming to another mesh access point with the same SSID, but with a different mac address.

Will running Open WRT on this device allow this particular device to Roam? Forgive me if roaming is not the correct term for what I'm looking for.

Thank you

On OpenWrt this "roaming" client configuration is possible with only SSID and passphrase defined and BSSID(MAC) left blank.

Don't know if this is also possible on the stock firmware.

Copy that. This is not possible on the stock firmware as the client bonds to an Access Point off the mac address of the AP, which wouldn't work for my mesh network.