Does the Kernel Version matter?

Hi, my Asus RT AC3100's target platform is bcm53xx/generic and my Kernel version is 5.15.150. I would like to know if there's any way to update the Kernel to 5.15.155 cause the version of a modded openwrt I want to install is only supporting 5.15.155. Thanks so much in advance

The kernel version is baked into the firmware. You cannot change it independently. If you have a different kernel version that you want to use, build a complete firmware image with the desired version this will require compiling from the source code.

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Technically this question falls outside the scope of the forum since this isn’t a genuine OpenWrt question.

Would be better if you explain mods you want, maybe desired need can be achieved without shady moddings.
Current v23 kernel in OpenWRT is 5.15.158. if you build 23.x branch you go very close with mainstream lts kernel.