Does the "Huawei E5573CS-322 Mobile Wi-Fi" work with OpenWrt?

Hello user, helper and moderators!

I can't find any information in the table of hardware about supporting OpenWRT for this device.

(If someone need the website where I found the device:

  1. Does this device support OpenWRT?
  2. Any other recommendations for mobile Wifi router which I can use for on the go. Where I can simply insert a mobile data SIM-card for using it while I'm outdoor?

(I want to use it as a simple internet access for my rasperry pi 3 - if it works)


@Iamusingyourwifi, welcome to the community!

If you still have inquires regarding support after observing that a device isn't listed in the Table of Hardware, see:

The firmware that drives the 4G radio is always closed-source. Most of the "MiFi" or "Pocket Wi-Fi" devices such as that one contain only one CPU, with integrated 4G, routing, and Wi-Fi all in one closed source firmware. They can be used with a box running OpenWrt by wifi or USB tethering them. Since you don't need the battery power or integral Wi-Fi features, you could use a simple USB modem dongle on a Pi3.

Try ; MIFI

@lleachii thanks!
I'll check the devices and if I can buy one on amazon or the official device website. Will text you if I have other questions about details thanks

What do you mean with a box?

I'll search for it - but I'm new to both openwrt and Pi3 so what do you mean by USB modem dongle?

Your name is german so I write german now :+1:t3:.
Kann man der Firma vertrauen? - verkaufen fertige Router mit OpenWRT. Kenne mich nicht so gut aus aber die Website sieht nicht so seriƶs aus?

Glinet is reliable company, good support. I used the MIFI myself.