Does the default firewall block ports on the LAN?

I recently swapped out an older router for one that I installed OpenWRT on and now wired LAN connections can ping each other, but not open (for example) port 8000.

Are you talking about LAN - LAN connections? These are switched (L2), not routed (L3). In general, the firewall is not part of these type of connections. There are 2 ways you can prevent L2 connections

  1. for wireless clients, you can use client isolation. But this is all-or-nothing.
  2. if the router sits between the two devices, you may be able to use bridge filtering. But depending on your hardware and configuration, that may not work as expected.
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Yes, I mean LAN - LAN connections. I don't want them to be isolated, but somehow, only some ports are being allowed. Since you are saying that LAN - LAN connections are switched and not going through the firewall, there must be some other issue going on. Thanks

Does the problem affect all devices or just some? Wired devices? wireless devices? both?

The problem was a firewall rule on the server that used the old IP addressing scheme.

Thanks for the help!

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