Does SQM QOS benefit an LTE connection?

Does anyone have experience using SQL on an LTE connection? It seems like it might not be helpful, but I'm not sure.

SQM sounds like it's really for connections with consistent performance. With LTE connections, even with a good signal, you can get throttled by the carrier to handle congestion, and they throttle by data type (probably known IP ranges for streaming services). It just seems like you'd never get an accurate enough picture of your link quality to set the bandwidth correctly, and you're more likely to be throttled than actually saturate the connection.

It's much like you suggest, and much like trying to apply wireline SQM to wireless. The transmission medium is both very different than wired, and varies greatly with time, even in the absence of a carrier's prioritization and shaping.

Same here. I gave SQM for LTE another try the last couple of days.
I did not get it running reliable, I will switch again to QOS.