Does QCA9563 support 256 MBytes memory on single chip?

Hi all,
I want to know if QCA9563 SoC support 256 MBytes memory with single chip, if it does, what's the model of the memory chip ??

QCA956x series supports maximum 128 MB (16-bit data bus, 14-bit address bus and 2-bit bank address).

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Here is a demo for 256M Bytes support on QCA9563, I guess it uses 2 pieces of 128M Bytes 8 bit memory chip.

Nope, Wiki Devi is just wrong in this case, see below and attached picture (Winbond W971GG6SB-25).


This router have minipcie wireless module, it own QCA4531 cpu with 128MB ram.
Other 128MB ram on main board with QCA9563 soc.