Does opkg have source priority like apt?

When 2 or more repos have the same software, can I make opkg choose the repo I want with some options like "priority"?

All official reps should have the same content,
what do you want to prioritize?

The short answer is no, it does not - opkg is small, and with the lack of size comes the lack of features.

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When I compile a firmware, even though I am using the stable branch, all kmod-* packages will become imcompatible. So I wonder if I can user "priority" to let opkg prefer my own kmod-* packages.

However now its solved. I found that if I have my build config based on the official config file (for example I will have a full openwrt_core repo under the "packages" dir. I just need to replace the openwrt_core section in distfeed.conf to get what I want.

*Yep, this is not a solution, but in fact this problem is nonsense. OpenWrt is not like typical distros like debian and it does not need something like "source priority".

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