Does OpenWrtx86 support Realtek 2.5Gbps Nics? (RTL8125B)

Hi I was unable to find these question via search and google.

There are lots of these realtek 2.5Gbps nics (single, dual, quad) from china for £60 based on
RTL8125B chipset.

Has anyone used one with latest openwrt build or maybe there is a kmod package or driver build into the current available 22.03.2 already?


Same chip, different amount of them?

AFAIK, it is, might need to add the kmod manually though.

Boot from a USB flash drive, see if it works.

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seems part of the r8169
so yes support should be there as long as you install

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thanks that is good to hear, I wish I had one to test it but still totally newbie with openwrt, so was planning on buying an 2 or 4 port version, yes they have different names some from Syba to IOcrest

Those are the cheapest prices I could find, worth checking ebay/amazon and aliexpress, lots are coming from China area also.

They all use the RTL8125B chipset, would still be awesome if an owner can 100% confirm it works and which kmod? package they used to get it up and running.

thank you, I will keep that link bookmarked and in my notes.

If I do get my openwrtx86 built and use the realtek 2.5gbps nics, I will give it a testing and pop back here to let community know.

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It's the vendor, chip is/chips are still the same.

Search for RTL8125 here at the forum.

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The chip is well supported, it's in lots of motherboards offering 2,5 Gbps NICs nowadays.

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