Does OpenWrt work on AX23 (Tp-Link)

As above does openwrt work on the tp-link AX23?
ive found this link which shows a 24 WiFi AP TP-Link EAP615-Wall

Not sure if its the correct firmware.

this is what's known

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Yes ive read that post but that was some time ago. Is that still all there is?


seems no one picked it up.
and you're the guy with the device, you'll have to do the adding.

What would i need to do?

start by checking if there's a version number on the bottom sticker.
then open it up, compare it with the internal photos from

get a usb ttl, and connect to what appears to be the serial port, on the back side of the PCB.

post boot log

check if uboot's interruptable, post printenv and help from uboot.

Ive ordered that lead hope its the correct one. Is there anything else i need?

depends on what you ordered, doesn't it ?
but a lot of patience helps :wink:

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Please continue the discussion in the topic linked above.


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