Does openwrt support TP-Link router TL-WR941ND v3.6

Hello all,

i am new to openwrt. As my TP-Link router TL-WR941ND (with latest firmware) supports no igmpv3 I need to do something. A short look to the Table of Hardware

shows me my TL-WR941ND but not my version which is v3.6.

Can i use openwrt on my router with v3.6? And does openwrt support igmpv3?

Thanks for your help!
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No, didnt know that, thanks for that info. Maybe it is better to replace this router by a new one. Maybe you have any proper suggestions :slight_smile: ?

Depends on your budget, and where you live.
Netgear d7800, Archer c2600, Belkin rt3200.

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