Does OpenWRT support IEEE1905

I don't see any information for it. The flag


appears in a few searches - but I surmise this is what is integrated into other forked ROMs which are based on owrt.

If not, would a brave soul like to integrate the stack? It's open-source:

Edit: Newer version with updated (BSD2+patent) license

Maybe some other work supersedes or deprecates this standard. But this standard looks helpful for expanding a backbone network with more wifi bridge mode APs (I do this often with OpenWRT).

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I know this is old but... @systemcrash did you find some news about this? All seems similar to when you opened this thread.



The benefits of 1905.1 technology include simple setup, configuration and operation of home networking devices using heterogeneous technologies. Leveraging the performance, coverage and mobility benefits of multiple interfaces (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Powerline and MoCA) enables better coverage and throughput in every room for both mobile and fixed devices.

Standardizing the use of multiple networking technologies to transmit data to a single device in a transparent manner enables powerful use cases in home networks:

  • Increase the capacity by load balancing different streams over different links.
  • Increase robustness of transmissions by switching streams from one link to another in case of link degradation.

So, from the above and the other info you linked, so far this (for me) boils down to:

  • What do I gain over e.g. B.A.T.M.A.N. Meshing?
    Afaict, both offer the +-

    • same features in terms of automatic-mesh-building/organisation
    • same (=none) amount of hw_acceleration on current generations of Openwrt-supported SOCs/SwitchChips/WifiChips.
    • Same amount (=none) of Integration into SmartHome Visualization systems. (It would probably be easy though to build a BATMAN-mesh-visualization into e.g. HomeAssistant)
  • My second thought/hope was, that IEE1905 might be the protocol/mechanism AVM uses in their Fritz Devices Mesh implementation, therefore possibly enabling Openwrt-Devices to "participate" in AVM meshes. But (i'd love to be corrected here) that does not seem to be the case. The Kernel Module BCM_KF_IEEE1905 is only used on 3 CableModem models.

SO, could you please describe the envisioned use-cases/scenarios, where IEEE1905 support on/with Openwrt would prove useful?

(not trying to shoot either of you down, just genuinely curious)