Does OpenWrt offer me the ability to achieve this VPN setup that I want?

I want to replace my current router, provided by my ISP, with a router that allows me to do the following:

  • Open a VPN connection between my home network and a public VPN provider via OpenVPN
  • Conditionally pass traffic from a subset of my devices through the VPN connection but allow other devices to access the internet directly (i.e. "policy-based-routing"/"conditional-routing")
  • Have a reliable killswitch that will terminate the VPN connection and sever all internet access to the devices they were configured to go via VPN
  • (Ideally, but not essential) Have native DNLA server capability from the router itself (i.e. plug in a hard drive to the router and it indexes and exposes the files via DLNA)

Does OpenWrt offer the ability to do all of the above?

it checks all those boxes, yes.