Does OpenWrt kernel has TRIM issue patch for Samsung SSD 850 Pro?


Once Linux kernel has problem for Samsung SSD 850 Pro which TRIM bug.

  • Does OpenWrt has the fix for now?
  • If I use Samsung SSD 850 Pro as external storage device (ext4 format mount),
    none of issue I can expect?

Please advice me.

Thank you in advance.

OpenWrt does not carry SSD specific patches, so it only has this fix if it is present in the upstream 4.9 and 4.14 kernels.

First off, your SSD trim bug should be fixed by a new firmware, but not the Linux kernel.
And unfortunately even the latest 4.19 kernel source still blacklists Samsung 850 trim

You can try removing it from the blacklist anyway though, at the risk of data loss.

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Thanks for the reply.

Then...the Samsung SSD 860 EVO should not be the problem, right?