Does OpenWrt has option to force client to only use 1 spatial stream?

2.4ghz wifi
with wifi ap that only has 2 or 3 spacial streams
and almost new mobile devices today usually has 2 spatial streaming hardware
on a single instance the ap usually can only serve just a single device

is there an option on openwrt to force clients to connect with only 1 spacial stream?
so if your wifi ap has 2 spatial streams it can server 2 clients at once
same with wifi ap with 3 and 4 spatial streams can server 3 and 4 clients at once
this would enable the wifi ap to accomodate more users.

im on a 3rd world country and we usually only have adsl at 15-20mbps
and most who offer public prepaid wifi only sets the bandwidth to 1-2mbps per client.Untitled

if this is supported this would increase capacity on wifi.

no there is no such option. and it is usually better to utilize all possible streams

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what would be the advantage?
if each client only has 2-3mb limit?
1 stream on wifi n 2.4ghz has around 55mbps actual.
it would not even maxout a single stream.

Modern wireless chipsets and drivers have been designed to take these decisions on their own - dynamically according to the current needs. This has evolved out of simple antenna diversity features and can still make use of those beginnings. Even if none of your clients support more than one stream, they still profit from the AP having more at its disposal in terms of range and throughput.

Artificially and statically limiting the APs capabilities (if the drivers would allow it, which they generally don't since HT/ VHT) is not beneficial.

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local file sharing between devices. for 20mbit internet only, there really is no need to change the setting. and it would require diving into wifi driver code...

most public wifi enables the client isolate settings so people cant scan mac addresses and unsecured passwords. as the wifi is unencripted.

so file sharing is not possible.