Does OpenWrt comes with TFTP Client installed to able to flash via U-Boot recovery?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if i ever wanted to go back to stock firmware or if i ever ended soft or hard bricking my router i would need a TFTP client on the router right ?. Or i can recovery it using the serial port method it sounds harder then using TFTP method. So the short question is does openwrt comes with TFTP client installed or would have to install after a first time openwrt flash ?.

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tftp in uboot is provided by the oem and is not part of openwrt.

find your device on the ToH and read about what it's uboot can do! same thing for non-uboot tftp "return to factory" procedures for your device... although scp is generally used more often.


By ToH you mean The openwrt site ?

Okay got it.

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