Does mtu affect udp?


i want to reduce the maximum transmission per unit for udp is it possible and how to reduce udp buffer can anyone help me optimize sent udp packets ro far away server

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  • Since MTU refers to frames (Layer 2) and UDP is a Layer 4 concept, yes.
  • Since you didn't ask now - I didn't include that information and assume you know (if not, feel free to ask away! :smiley:)

Again, yes - and it's not specific to UDP.

#in /etc/sysctl.conf:

  • Is this related to your other two questions?
  • There's no way to control a packet after it leaves your WAN port
  • The usual goal/point of UDP is less need for special optimizations - not more

Lastly, regarding the question in your title - yes, the MTU of any packet could affect it. This is not specific to UDP. Perhaps you should explain your use case.