Does Mesh Mode not support macfiltering

I want to filter some mac-addresses in mesh-mode but neither deny nor allow filtering works. Also in LUCI interface there is no option for mac-filtering there.

Can it be done in the mesh-mode?

If you mean an AdHoc connection, no, of course not.

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Why is it so obvious ? Isn't it a good thing to have mac-filtering in mesh-mode ? For eg. it would add another layer of security to the mesh-network only allowing certain AP's mac-addresses to connect to the mesh network and act as an AP.

What actually i am trying to do is add a mesh device just by scanning the QR code without a need to setup a lot of things.
Is there any thing that would help me in this ?

For 802.11s mesh, which is the only type that should be deployed these days, mesh devices will not be allowed to join unless:

  • The mesh_id matches.
  • The channel number matches. Radio must be configured to a definite channel, not "auto" -- for this reason meshing on DFS channels is unlikely to work.
  • If encryption is enabled, the SAE encryption key must match to allow a node to join. (This cannot be used to separate multiple meshes with the same mesh_id and channel).
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Yes all the points you say are valid and i have been using those in my mesh-network.
I have been using iw dev if-mesh station del $MAC_ADDR for kicking some out of my network .
The thing i am trying to recreate is create a google nest like configuration that i do not need to setup each mesh-wifi points individually with Mesh_ID and encryption key. Have to think of someway to do that. If you have any ideas please let me know.

For mesh mac-address filtering i guess there is no way till now to whitelabel or blacklabel Mesh-points till now .