Does luci2 support multi langage? such as zh_tw or zh_cn

I transplant uci and luci2 in ubuntu board on intel x86 board.
Now ,luci2 can view from firefox.
but the "System"|"Language and Style",change the Language does not work, the page is still english.
the "/etc/config/luci" file "config core 'main'" part "option lang 'zh_tw'" is changed .

Does luci2 support multi language? such as zh_tw or zh_cn.
Or I missed something ?

How to do this ?

To be clear, are you attempting to install the UCI on an Ubuntu PC???

I think you should ask your question here:

Also, I'm sure you know, LuCI2 is an incomplete project and was designed for OpenWrt, this might be something you have to figure out yourself.

Also...your request seems very similar to this thread:

If this is you, please refrain from making mutiple accounts.

Also, wouldn't installing Webmin be much simpler than setting up Luci2???

Webmin also has language support.

Thanks ,

I found "" and resolved my problem.

It's just missing a "/luci2/i18n/base.zh-tw.json" file.

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