Does Linksys EA8300 US variant work in EU?

Hello, does someone knows if the US refurbished variant of the Linksys EA8300 work our should work in EU?
The US variant (refurbished) its cheaper than the EA8300-EU so I am looking to know that.

Routers, switches and access points implement standard protocols that are independent from the region. Some WiFi frequencies are region restricted, but unless you have need for using a specific channel or bandwidth, you don't have o worry about that (and even if that was the case, usually such frequencies are looked at the software side not the hardware, and can be changed by changed the region.

Power adapter will have a different plug, of course. As for the voltage, most modern power adapters for consumer products (laptops, phones, routers etc) work on 100~240 V, so you should be fine. It wouldn't harm to check that point though.

The difference in the price will probably be due to VAT.


That must be the case in this model?

No problem in that, easy to find a adapter if needed.

Its cheaper because its refurbished and the EU version its not.

I can't know for sure, as I don't own any of the devices. But I don't expect them to lock frequencies in the hardware (if that's even possible). Again, unless you have specific needs, all you need is to just set the region to the region you are at to make sure that the device will comply with frequencies and power regulations.

You could check the data sheet on the manufacturer web page, or even look at some photos on the Web to confirm that the voltage is 100~240.


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