Does installing irqbalancer on dual-core routers cause problems?

Hello friends , I have a BT Home hub 5A router that has 2 cores and 128MB of RAM and 128MB of flash memory. Now, I have installed the package ( irqbalancer) on this router, does it help its performance or not? Because I read that it is suitable for routers with 4 cores and above? Should I delete it or not? Maybe it will help? Thank you for giving me a very brief and honest answer.

Test if it's doing anything at all like this.

  1. Disable it
  2. Reboot
  3. Let the device run for several hours to collect baseline data
  4. Run this command which will show the balance across your core: cat /proc/interrupts

Now install and enable (you need to edit /etc/config/irqbalance and verify that irqbalance is running ps | grep irqbal should return something like

2346 root      1088 S    /usr/sbin/irqbalance -f -c 2 -t 10

The point of this is so you can compare the output of that cat command and look for differences in the distribution of things with and without it.


That depends on how new your firmware image is, older OpenWrt's did not allow to handle interrupts on the second CPU, so irqbalance essentially did nothing. Newer OpenWrt (maybe only snapshots?) can assign interrupts to the second CPU. Whether it helps or hinders performance depends to a a degree on your use-cases and loads, so I think you just need to try it out...

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I am using version 21.02.5. Because version 22.03 has the risk of loop boot on both my routers and it is heavy and I have less RAM.

I think that on OpenWrt21 irqbalance will do nothing on lantiq/HH5A or even hurt... (when I manually tried to move interrupts to CPU1 from CPU0 I ended up crashing my BT HH5A, but I have no recollection which snapshot version of OpenWrt I was using, just that it was before OpenWrt learned to properly use the second CPUs for interrupts.)

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Should I delete it with these interpretations? Because I customized their own firmware. I don't want to destroy my router! :frowning:

Friends, can you help me please?
Unfortunately, my router does not turn on, before creating the image with this package, my router had no problem, but now it keeps restarting and its green light flashes and then turns off and after the first :frowning:
There is no way to fix this router, i.e. my BT HomeHub 5?
This is my only ADSL internet connection!

Have a look at:

you might need to try these one after another.