Does deluge work with openwrt/lede?

According to

Deluge is written in Python and should be available since R20178.
Deluge is broken in OpenWrt: 6888 deluge needs rblibtorrent, which is broken and won't probably be fixed anytime soon

However, states it has been fixed

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Has there been any updates on deluge working with openwrt/lede since 2013?

Yes. The packages have been declared abandoned and officially discarded in 2015:
they have been moved away from the dormant oldpackages repo to "abandoned" repo.;a=commit;h=978b0af2dd75056e75be3825c2c0c2e70cdb2d38

So, no hope for using those packages

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I hope this helps you, compile for your self

I've never compiled a package before, is there a guide?

I'm guessing I would use the make file? If so, can I edit it with the newest version number and the corresponding checksum?

Sure there is a guide. Read the wiki:

But I recommend that you first practice with a package that currently compiles. I seriously doubt that you will get deluge and the lib compiled, as they have been incompatible already years ago. (It is likely not about their versions, but something in their source code that requires patching here for cross-compiling.)

Is there a specific reason to use just Deluge instead of some of the other torrent clients (that actually compile and work)?

There is not much sense giving a link to a repo that contains the packages feed as of 2011...

The "abandoned packages" is an actual repo on the main Openwrt Github site. Deluge and the lib packages can be found there:

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I will try to compile your package and upload at my blog Thank you @hnyman :slight_smile: