Does changing LAN work?

I opkg install the nano text editor and use it to edit files in place on the router. On a fresh install without nano, vi is available in the default build.

Your description is the same that happened here, I think. I copied and pasted the code from "TextEdit" an OSX editor, which was NOT in plaintext. And that is, I think the source of the problem.

Thanks a lot. Yes, I use nano all the time. But since I did not have much earlier, editing the /etc/config/network, I started using the uci commands. Why my much earlier efforts did not work, I will never know. But now I know that configurations should take a certain step. Or, backup after each major configuration. Now I must spend several hours reconfiguring again.
Thanks all!

That method is really high risk to get this fault.

The easiest way to verify is to write the uci code manually in the terminal, if it works then. I think we found the problem.

Perfect glad you figured it out. What is likely happening is the windows text editor is putting some curly quotes, assuming you are writing your great novel instead of just some config code. I suggest to always edit via nano on the router itself.

Hello, using luci allows the change of the the lan ip ( i often do that). You have to pay attention to use the apply unchecked instead of save and apply. Because after the change done the device can no longer be reached by the browser at the initial ip ( by def...)
After the change applied. You have to set up the browser to the new ip

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