Does anyone know what is ASUS RT-N12LX?

Just trying to install something on this device, but still trying to find out what is the device is. For instance wikidev says it has an RTL8196C CPU, the same time wikipedia (sorry, two links in post limit for noobs) says it has an RTL8192CE CPU and it is the same device as RT-N12E with some whistles and bells.

The funniest thing is, the openwrt says it has an MT7620N CPU but no "LX" support %).

So ... Does OpenWRT run on ASUS_RT-N12LX ?
It is too difficult for me, I need your help please,plz,plz...

There are several RT-N12 variants[Model*~]=RT-N12

None of those indicated as "supported" use the RTL8196 or RTL8192, from what I see from those results. Searching for supported devices with either of those chips is not terribly rewarding, with only an under-resourced DIR-410 showing.

Do you have the FCC ID on a sticker on the unit?

Have tried to make a pic, it is so damn small that nothing was seen on the pic.
I hope it shall help

Which would be

If those specs are correct, the device is unsupportable (unsupported lexra arch, not enough RAM, not really enough flash anymore).

Oh, it really has only 11Mb of RAM. I just wanted to install openwrt to run wpa_supplicant on it..

Thanks for your for help.

It's not possible, not in any remotely reasonable way (unsupported lexra arch and 16 MB RAM are a no-go anyways).