Does anyone know easy mesh setup using olsrd?

I tried using OpenWrt docs but it doesn't work.
Was looking for an easy mesh setup using olsrd protocol.

I followed this tutorial and got my routers to identify each other.But, I am not sure how to get them configured as AP so that I can connect my devices to them and access internet.

  • Well a client LAN and AP config would be as normal.
  • You allow LAN zone to forward the to Mesh on the Firewall
  • Enable Masquerade on the Mesh Interface if the subnet is not announced
  • Regarding Internet over the Mesh, it's not that hard...are you announcing the Internet on the Mesh thru a device that in fact has Internet access and whose firewall allows Mesh to WAN traffic in its firewall?

(I didn't browse to the non-OpenWrt link.)

BTW, you announce the Internet by placing the route on that device's OLSR table.

You should check out , it is an overlay on top of OpenWRT that deals with the mesh side of things automatically.

It does not support Tp-Link Archer C20 V5 routers.

If OpenWRT supports it, you can use it as an overlay on top of OpenWRT as you would do with other remote repositories.

If that works all my problems are solved.. But I don't know how to do that.
Can u guide me?

The recommended approach from the documentation if there is no available image is to build it yourself. I would go that way: (at the bottom of the webpage)

If you want to go the packages route, I don't remember how it was exactly, but the URL where all the packages are is in:

Based on these instructions:

You may need to add each of the repositories for your architecture, and then do:

opkg update
opkg install lime-*

I would definitely go for the option of downloading an image for the router specifically.

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